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Campaign Asia-Pacific is delighted to announce the 2017 call for entries from Asia-Pacific for the region’s most prestigious Agency of the Year awards.

For 24 years, Campaign Asia-Pacific's Agency of the Year awards have recognised inspired leadership, management excellence, outstanding business performance and overall achievements in Asia-Pacific’s advertising and communications industries. The prestigious Agency of the Year competition will recognise excellence in local markets through five seperate Regional competitions. Winners will have the opportunity to compete in the overall Network of the Year awards.


Awards Presentation & Gala Dinner:

South Asia Agency of the Year Awards Show:                                                                                    5 December 2017, Mumbai India

Japan/Korea Agency of the Year Awards Cocktail Presentation:                                                     7 Dec 2017, Tokyo Japan

Greater China Agency of the Year Awards Show:                                                                               12 Dec 2017, Shanghai China

Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Agency Network Agency of the Year Awards Show:      14 Dec 2017, Singapore

Awards table sales will commence on 1 November 2017.

With effect from last year, there will be some changes to the awards presentation format at the awards ceremony in Singapore. Due to time constraints, please note that only Gold winners from all categories will get to receive their award on stage this year, and all Silver and Bronze winners will be receiving their award at a secondary stage outside the ballroom.

For more information, please contact


Shortlist Announcement:

Region Awards shortlist:   15 November 2017
Agency Network shortlist: 17 November 2017

*All entrants will be informed of their shortlist status via email, and the shortlist will also be announced via




Since 1994, the Agency of the Year Awards is the region's most prestigious awards, recognising inspired leadership, management excellence, outstanding business performance and overall achievements in advertising and communications industry across Asia-Pacific. 

With results tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) it is the only awards programme that honours agency performance at both a local and regional level.

The awards are open to all media, advertising, creative, digital, PR, independent and specialist agencies from all countries in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand).



- What is the eligibility period for our entry submission?

All entries should relate to achievements ONLY during the period 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017.

- How much are the entry fees?

Entry Fees for Region Awards:
Agency categories
Early Entry Fee for each submission: US$396
Entry Fee for each submission received after 1 Sept: US$465

People categories
Early Entry Fee for each submission: US$320
Entry Fee for each submission received after 1 Sept: US$390

Entry Fees for Network Awards:
People categories
Early Entry Fee for each submission: US$320
Entry Fee for each submission received after 1 Sept: US$390

Agency categories
Entry Fee (only applicable if shortlisted): US$465

All Network entries will only be charged an entry fee if the entry is shortlisted. There will be no entry fees during the online entry submission process, and the organisers will notify all shortlisted entrants of any charges by 17 November 2017.

- What is 'Credited Agency Name' refers to?

The credits may be used on our website  and social channels should your entry be shortlisted and in case of a win, this will also be the credits on the trophies. 

- What is 'Credited Agency Network' means?

If you are entering to the Agency Network category (Creative/Media/Digital), each of the local agency wins will contribute points according to our point system. If more than one agency to be credited, you are required to indicate the % split so that the points can be allocated accordingly. This only apply to the agency brand not the Agency Group Company. 

- When must we have paid for our entry?

All payment must be received by September 29, 2017. Entries unpaid by September 29, 2017 may be disqualified and Haymarket Media Ltd will retain the right to claim for unpaid entry fees. You can choose to pay via online credit card or offline via bank transfer. 

- Is it compulsory to submit video(s) with our entry?

No, video submissions are optional and we do allow other support material format to showcase your entries. Please note that videos submitted at the point of entry may be used to showcase your entry at the gala presentation should your entry win.

- Our video size is more than 25MB. Can you increase the limit for us?

As file size limitation of supporting files are to facilitate the judging process, the file size limit will have to be strictly adhered to. You may choose to upload your video online and share your URL link under the Supporting Materials section.

- I have uploaded an incorrect document/video! Can I amend my entry?

Yes, you may log back into your account (by clicking on the 'Enter Now' button again) prior to our final entry deadline to make amendments to your entry. No changes will be allowed once entry closes on September 29, 2017.

- How do I amend my entry?

You may log back into your account (by clicking on the 'Enter Now' button again) prior to our final entry deadline to make amendments to the contents of your entry submissions. No changes will be allowed once entry closes on September 29, 2017.

- Can we have an entry extension?

The entry deadlines are as below. We regret that there will not be a further extension after September 29, 2017 at this stage.

Early Entry Deadline: September 1, 2017
Final Entry Deadline: September 29, 2017

- How do I know if I have completed my entry submission?

Entries must be submitted through our online entry system. Upon entry submission, the entrant will receive an auto-generated email confirmation from the registration team. All entries are only considered as submitted after the completion of the online payment process. Upon confirming your entries, return to your dashboard and click on the 'Proceed to pay for all entries' button to process your payment. Select the appropriate payment mode and follow through all the steps. If you have any trouble paying via credit card online, please kindly contact the organisers immediately at to seek assistance to avoid duplicate transactions.

Once your payment process is completed, you will receive a ‘Payment Received’ email confirmation with the payment receipt. Your entry submission is now complete. If you wish to request for an official invoice, please kindly forward your email confirmation to either or to request for it.

The entrant submitting the entries should be the primary contact person for all awards-related matters.

- Who are the judges?

The judging panel for the Agency of the Year awards will comprise a minimum of five client marketers. The panel will only be revealed on the website after the shortlist have been announced.

- What are the scoring criteria?

Please refer to the individual entry templates for information on the scoring criteria. The entry templates can be downloaded from each of the region's webpage.

- How do we know if we are shortlisted for the Regional Agency of the Year awards?

The final shortlist for all Region Awards categories will be released on 15 November 2017 at and the organisers will send an email to all participants on their application status by 17 November 2017.

The final Network shortlist will be released on 17 November 2017 at

(All dates are subjected to change)

- When will the final results be released?

The winners of the Agency of the Year awards will be honored at the gala presentations held in the local markets, including China, Singapore and India in December. The prize presentation for all Agency Network of the Year categories will also be made at the event in Singapore.

Key event dates
Mumbai India: 5 December 2017
Tokyo, Japan: 7 December 2017

Shanghai China: 12 December 2017
Singapore: 14 December 2017

- How can we book a table?

Table bookings for the all Agency of the Year award gala dinners will be available online from 1 November 2017. All places are sold on first-come-first-served basis. Please email for more details.

- How do I enter Agency Network of the Year awards?

We are accepting entries for Agency Network of the Year awards till September 29, 2017.

The Network of the Year categories will be determined based on points from the 5 Region Agency of the Year Awards.

A win in each of the local markets (country awards) will contribute points towards the respective overall Network of the Year category type. Only the Creative, Media and Digital country awards from all the region awards can contribute points and does not include wins from all other categories. All markets rank equally. Points received from the Regional Agency Awards for Greater China, South Asia and Southeast Asia Creative/Media/Digital/Independent Agency of the Year will not contribute towards the respective overall Network of the Year.

A shortlist is drawn from the points accumulated, and up to 5 top scoring Agency Network in each category will form each shortlist. The Network jury will then review the shortlisted Agency Network and determine the winner for each Network trophy. In order to be considered for the shortlist, the agency network must submit an entry in the respective category. Entry fees will only apply if the agency network is shortlisted, and will be notified by the organisers.

All entries must be submitted on latest by September 29, 2017.

- We are shortlisted for the Creative Network of the Year. Do we have to submit additional videos for the awards?

Entrants will not be asked to provide additional videos/support materials after entry submission. All materials should have been submitted during the entry submission process, and before the final entry deadline. This applies to all categories.

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The Agency of the Year Awards offers industry suppliers the opportunity to target the heart of the industry in Asia - the decision makers driving the industry forward. The awards are attended by the regional and local management teams of every major agency as they wind down for the year and celebrate their achievements.

Sponsorship allows both a strong branding and networking opportunity, offering you the chance to meet and mingle with the industry's leading players as well as building your brand in the minds of the people driving the advertising industry in Asia, allowing you to from relationships and trust with the people responsible for spending the advertising and marketing dollars of the major brands.

For marketing and sponsorship opportunities available for this event, please contact:

Geraldine Nathan
Head of Sales, SEA
Direct: +65 6579 0532

Kenny Holroyd
Head of Sponsorship, Campaign Asia-Pacific
Direct: +65 6579 0556