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“2023 has been a phenomenal year for Heineken so far. Uplift was recorded across key brand measurements and sales boomed by almost 60% while distribution expanded by 500% nationwide. But this isn’t just your typical story of success; it is the story from a category that was shrinking at 3.3% from the same time last year, of David versus Goliath as we go up against the market leader six times our size. It’s how despite all these, we ushered in a new world of beer to “win in premium and grow in adversity”. Challenging every category convention; from selling beers to reinventing experiences, a product-first to a lifestyle-first portfolio, personalizing experiences on e-CRM, disrupting e-commerce and taking a glocal approach in building an aspirational yet resonating brand to become the beer of choice for next generation drinkers. This is the story of pioneering new horizons. The story of Heineken.”

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