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“With ongoing economic headwinds across the region, McDonald’s renewed its ambition and vision for 2023 and beyond with Global CMO Morgan Flatley setting everyone’s sights on becoming a “personally and culturally relevant brand that builds Fans Forever.” This vision was significant. Marketing itself has been changing at an unprecedented rate. McDonald’s massive scale afforded an advantage that we have exploited year over year to win people’s hearts, minds and wallets. Now, that same advantage is being eroded as we fight for space alongside the content that people love.

Across APAC, the solutions to overcome these challenges and paradigm shifts are guided by the three growth drivers set out in our “”Accelerating the Arches”” global strategy. And through disciplined creative bravery, we’ve delivered 12.8% growth across ABU by reinforcing our brand living in and leading culture, shaping national conversations through globally awarded work, and scaling our relationships to Build Fans Forever.”



“In a year when the pawning industry was contracting in the Philippines, Villarica, a small player, thrived. Amid competition from much bigger pawnshops, it dared to launch the SURE Campaign, an integrated marketing effort shifted the conversation away from “Which pawnshop is bigger?” to “Which pawnshop can you trust?”

Online, it sowed doubt in everyday transactions of every nature, featuring stories in which consumers had been duped by unscrupulous service-providers. Then offline, it introduced an operational innovation that gave pawners reason to trust it – a new in-store service that allowed them to scrutinize the transaction with unprecedented transparency.

With the SURE Campaign, Villarica earned their trust and their patronage, and pawners saw for themselves that it indeed offered the best deals in the market. By empowering them to become discerning consumers, Villarica emerged a true industry leader.”

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