Christopher Lui

Year: 2023
Region: Greater China
Type: People
Category: Greater China Young Achiever of the Year 
Award: Commendation
Company: Christopher Lui

“Christopher is an instrumental member in many, if not all, new business as well as retention pitches. He excels in his storytelling skills and offering clear strategic input which helps to set the overall direction for all pitches he is involved in. Other than pitches, he also plays an important role in maintaining the overall day-to-day strategic output of the agency which sees him create award-winning work, push clients along the innovation agenda as well as upskilling the strategic skills of the agency We as an agency are equipped with many tools and capabilities but often, these capabilities are either not well understood within the agency or the capabilities aren’t presented in a way that is easily digestible. Christopher is the champion to turn to when it comes to these tools, helping to democratize agency capabilities to the wider agency and translating these capabilities and tools into easier-to-digest parcels.”

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