Cyril Fonseca

Year: 2023
Region: Southeast Asia
Type: People
Category: Southeast Asia Account Person of the Year 
Award: Commendation
Company: Cyril Fonseca

“Cyril has stood out as a key account figure with his agency and clients. He excels in fostering team morale and decisiveness within his agency and team. Even during challenging circumstances, Cyril remains calm and approachable, instilling a sense of safety and openness. This approach has cultivated a team unafraid to pursue innovations, some of which have also won awards. Business-wise, Cyril achieved remarkable growth in his portfolio, boasting an impressive 80% year-on-year increase.

With clients, Cyril is a trusted partner known for his insights, innovation, and leadership, positively impacting Citibank’s revenue and growth. This year, Cyril has also taken extra steps to ensure his clients are well-prepared for the cookie-less world. He took responsibility for educating clients, arranging cookie-less workshops and initiating critical projects like Cookie-less Impact Assessment, AI solutions, CDP 1PD integration, and other identity-based solutions. These initiatives have significantly shaped the client’s planning and execution in 2023,”

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