Josy Paul

Year: 2023
Region: APAC/Network
Type: People
Category: Asia-Pacific Creative Leader of the Year [NEW]
Award: Commendation
Company: Josy Paul

Josy Paul, Chief Creative Officer and Chairperson of BBDO India, is no stranger to ideas that shake the world. Under his leadership, he and his creative teams were responsible for some of the most iconic and talked about work. He thrives on empathy and emotional data to build iconic brands campaigns like WhatsApp #ScamSeBacho, Ralco #NoPressureDelivery and the latest edition of the long sustained #ShareTheLoad for Ariel titled ‘See the signs of Silent Separation’. It would not be an overstatement to say that his work has challenged the long ingrained social taboos, superstitions and norms and has been the catalyst for creating radical changes in perception, as well as attitudes on a seismic level in India. In his speech at Cannes Lions 2023, Josy summed up his belief saying “Creativity is sensitivity in the world where no one is listening.”

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