Kiwa Kawada

Year: 2023
Region: Japan/Korea
Type: People
Category: Japan/Korea Strategic/Brand Planner of the Year 
Award: Winner
Company: Kiwa Kawada

Kiwa is a true catalyst for positive change. As one of the founding members of Droga5 Tokyo, she is redefining the role of a brand strategist to unlock new growth for the agency. With 12 years of experience in both business consultancy and creative agencies, she integrates her deep brand expertise across diverse business domains to lead purpose-driven transformations. From developing new products to creating a sustainability platform, Kiwa has extensive experience in crafting solid brand strategies for over 30 brands to date. She expands her skills to coach young creatives at Senden Kaigi School and inspire people to act with purpose. Additionally, she has launched her own naturally flavored sparkling water as an eco-friendly alternative that benefits both the environment and people. Kiwa continues to embrace change, further honing her skills as a strategist to contribute to a better future.

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