Nilakshi Medhi

Year: 2023
Region: Southeast Asia
Type: People
Category: Southeast Asia Strategic/Brand Planner of the Year 
Award: Winner
Company: Nilakshi Medhi

“In the narrative of success and achievement, there’s often a subtle yet overlooked strength: the power of quiet resilience. It’s not loud or bold statements or action, but persistency and consistency that leads to bigger victories. This is the story of Nilakshi, who carried this spirit in a place unfamiliar – building a team, a culture of planning from scratch while cultivating successful brand cases in a place which was never hers to claim. With work that was part of ‘Kantar’s Top 5 Ramadan Ads’, to designing a successful innovative ‘Hot House Synergy’ model, to the HumanKind creative spirit of creating ‘Acts not Ads’, her quiet persistence helped the agency beat odds to achieve 11% growth. amidst unprecedented challenges. From the narrow lanes of small-town India to the bustling mega city of Jakarta, her case study demonstrates that strength does not always roar; sometimes, it reveals itself through quiet fortitude that pays rich dividend.”

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