Riddhi Bangera

Year: 2023
Region: South Asia
Type: People
Category: South Asia Young Achiever of the Year 
Award: Winner
Company: Riddhi Bangera

“Riddhi Bangera, by the age of 25, has passionately pursued her curiosities, cross-pollinating knowledge and experiences across 10+ diverse categories.

With her remarkable professional journey, she has already experienced what a person typically would by the age of 40! She is rightfully called The Youngest Veteran of the Mindshare Content+ Team.

Riddhi has remained at the forefront of the ever-changing content landscape by delivering exceptional results through her influencer marketing strategies, short-form video content campaigns, large-scale IP creations, data & technology innovations, movie & OTT associations, sports partnerships, on-ground activations, TV & Radio campaigns and more.

Her diverse insights, cultivated through her eclectic interests, are now a valuable asset at Mindshare India. In just one year, her relentless pursuit of real-world experiences and knowledge has empowered her to reshape brand identities through national campaigns. As a Branded Content Manager, she’s breathed fresh life into over 20+ key accounts at Mindshare.”

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