Sangho (Charlie) Choi

Year: 2023
Region: Japan/Korea
Type: People
Category: Japan/Korea Young Achiever of the Year 
Award: Commendation
Company: Sangho (Charlie) Choi

Charlie Choi is an accomplished marketing professional with six years of expertise in the marketing industry, specializing in the tourism sector. Currently as the Global Marketing Team Leader at Creatip, he brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of success. Charlie has demonstrated exceptional skills in effectively managing social media accounts for brands. Additionally, he is proficient in running advanced advertising campaigns on global platforms such as Google and Meta, as well as on Korean platforms like Naver and Kakao. Charlie not only offers strategic insights to brands but also actively implements advertising strategies to meet their specific needs. He has been dedicated to new business development, enhancing the range of services offered by the global marketing division to better serve clients.

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