Industry Team at Accenture Song

Year: 2023
Region: Japan/Korea
Type: People
Category: Japan/Korea New Business Development Person/Team of the Year 
Award: Winner
Company: Industry Team at Accenture Song

The Industry team are the orchestrators at Accenture Song, who bring holistic Experiences to life with business growth in perspective. Armed with an expert understanding of a wide range of industries and well-established business consulting skills, not only do they visualize the best future for their clients, but they also make it a reality too. They have a sharp eye on ever-evolving industry disruptors, yet always keep the long view in mind – their goal is to create and implement long-term sustainable business experience transformation models for their clients, making deep changes to the customer experience beyond surface-level fixes. It is no wonder, that they have long, deep, and trusted relationships with their clients – meaningful change is not quick and easy, but the Industry teams are whom the clients trust to visualize, deliver and produce flourishing business outcomes.

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