VR Rajesh

Year: 2023
Region: South Asia
Type: People
Category: South Asia Agency Head of the Year 
Award: Winner
Company: VR Rajesh

“VR Rajesh is the David in Ogilvy

He is a leader who enjoys taking on big goliath like challenges. Being the biggest agency in India, the challenges were also big.

Ogilvy’s mission is to inspire brands and people to make an impact. He understood that for brands to make an impact in the new complex hyper connected attention deficit world the old rules of creativity are just not good enough. Our creative product had to change.

Ogilvy was ‘the TV’ agency. We are proud of it. He knew that if we got positioned as ‘just the TV agency’ in an increasingly digital and technology first world it would hurt us.

Importantly, it was not true. The internal journey to leverage creativity in a transformational manner had truly begun. The outside world had to experience. For that to happen, Ogilvy had to transform at scale and VR Rajesh led that charge.”

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