Arthur Tsang

Joe Zhou

John Koay

John is a renowned creative leader across APAC. He has a track record of award-winning work, trusted client partnerships and is a mentor to many. The market challenges of post-Covid Hong Kong has not halted John’s relentless pursuit of creative excellence and drive to deliver his non-traditional, quirky and highly distinctive style of creativity. Since joining Edelman in early 2022, he has injected a commanding creative culture into the agency, built a vibrant creative team from the ground up, broadened the agency’s creative skillset, grown a strong roster of brands and client relationships, and overseen a growing portfolio of globally famous work.

Kazuki Tsuburaku

Kazuki Tsuburaku, is a Creative Leader who leads Transformation though Experience, and one who champions the corporate philosophy of One dentsu, to brings all regional capabilities together with dentsu Japan, to lead cross-market collaboration and integration of best-practices through technology, solutions, and experiences for clients’ business growth. Transformation is one of those words that often gets misused, and embarking on experiential transformation itself does not just happen by chance! It is exciting, as it is intensive, and through Kazuki Tsuburaku’s leadership as Creative Leader, we hope to share the challenges, strategic approaches and results that have been garnered – through the efforts and commitment of all parties, into One!

Spencer Wong


Cesar Farah

Franky Liao

As the creative young mastermind behind numbers of groundbreaking campaigns that have created buzz in China market, Franky Liao has been pioneering new yet heartwarming creative models for post-pandemic China market. The works Franky created are not just idea-led but also proved effectiveness that have helped his clients’ brand interest increase by 400% among Gen Z consumer groups and achieve a 12% YOY revenue growth. In bold moves, he combines various niche cultures and events of the day, and integrates all relevant elements for consumers including trends, IP, music, and social platforms to deliver maximum value to brands within limited budgets.

Olivia Zhuang

Peng Chen

Peng Chen, Executive Producer of BBDO Beijing, responsible for the oversight of all aspects of producing television or internet commercials He has been working for Mercedes-Benz account for more than 8 years and led BBDO pproduction team for both Traditional AD and Social works . He is a person filled with passion to solve different challenges of business and communication with solutions Facing the challenge that all foreign directors can not come to China for live shooting ,he always gave suggestions & solutions to creative and clients to proceed with good works and good price He continues to bring fresh perspectives to the work, support client with professional skills .and lead production team to the best with every move.

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