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Saki Adachi

“Saki is a true “Initiator & Change maker”, constantly originating new projects and developing ideas from her own unique perspective to create new value. Born in 1988 in Tokyo, Japan, Saki developed a deep love for animals early in life that led her to a particular interest in whales, dolphins and marine life. This fascination guided her decision to pursue her higher education at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Department of Ocean Sciences. There, Saki was introduced to the devastating impacts of marine pollution, which further motivated her to pursue studies in biochemistry. After receiving her Masters degree, Saki spent three years as a researcher before deciding to dive into the field of communication, where she could not only continue to study technology but she could find ways to apply her knowledge to “create mechanisms for social change.””

Sangho (Charlie) Choi

Charlie Choi is an accomplished marketing professional with six years of expertise in the marketing industry, specializing in the tourism sector. Currently as the Global Marketing Team Leader at Creatip, he brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of success. Charlie has demonstrated exceptional skills in effectively managing social media accounts for brands. Additionally, he is proficient in running advanced advertising campaigns on global platforms such as Google and Meta, as well as on Korean platforms like Naver and Kakao. Charlie not only offers strategic insights to brands but also actively implements advertising strategies to meet their specific needs. He has been dedicated to new business development, enhancing the range of services offered by the global marketing division to better serve clients.

Kiwa Kawada

Kiwa is a true catalyst for positive change. As one of the founding members of Droga5 Tokyo, she is redefining the role of a brand strategist to unlock new growth for the agency. With 12 years of experience in both business consultancy and creative agencies, she integrates her deep brand expertise across diverse business domains to lead purpose-driven transformations. From developing new products to creating a sustainability platform, Kiwa has extensive experience in crafting solid brand strategies for over 30 brands to date. She expands her skills to coach young creatives at Senden Kaigi School and inspire people to act with purpose. Additionally, she has launched her own naturally flavored sparkling water as an eco-friendly alternative that benefits both the environment and people. Kiwa continues to embrace change, further honing her skills as a strategist to contribute to a better future.

Masakazu Tagai

Industry Team at Accenture Song

The Industry team are the orchestrators at Accenture Song, who bring holistic Experiences to life with business growth in perspective. Armed with an expert understanding of a wide range of industries and well-established business consulting skills, not only do they visualize the best future for their clients, but they also make it a reality too. They have a sharp eye on ever-evolving industry disruptors, yet always keep the long view in mind – their goal is to create and implement long-term sustainable business experience transformation models for their clients, making deep changes to the customer experience beyond surface-level fixes. It is no wonder, that they have long, deep, and trusted relationships with their clients – meaningful change is not quick and easy, but the Industry teams are whom the clients trust to visualize, deliver and produce flourishing business outcomes.

Takahiro Hosoda

“Takahiro Hosoda started his career at Hakuhodo Tokyo in 2005. Since then, he joined TBWA\HAKUHODO in 2012 after spending some time at TBWA\CHIAT\DAY in Los Angeles.

Appointed as Chief Creative Officer in 2022, Hosoda is not only responsible for the overall creative direction for the agency’s global clients in the automotive, apparel, sports, finance, and beauty categories, but also helps steer the agency on course in its evolution as the Disruptive Brand Experience Company. He leads the initiatives of corporate vision development and business, product, and service concept development, which have helped garner attention for his activities beyond advertising and communications. To date, he’s received more than 300 prestigious national and international awards, including Cannes Lion Gold and Grand Prix from NY ADC, CLIO, Spikes Asia, and ACC Japan.”

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